The Davis Vantage Vue - The New Standard In  Home Weather Stations


For several years now the standard in home weather stations has been set by the Davis Vantage Pro2. It outperforms all its competitors, not only overall but in most if not all of the individual components, and costs very little more.

Now, at last, there is a real competitor, and it comes as no surprise that it comes from Davis Instruments.

It's the Vantage Vue, and the easiest way to describe it is that it is identical to the basic Vantage Pro2 model in all standard weather recording features, but comes in a more compact form and at a significantly reduced price.Davis Vantage Vue Home Weather Station

That's right - identical specifications, full computer compatibility, the tried and tested Davis reliability and back up, at a list price that's US$200 cheaper - $395.00 compared to $595.00. That's the official recommended retail price, but I've already seen the Vantage Vue advertised for $329.95 , or delivered for around $343.00.

So what is Davis up to?

I guess that their thinking is that the legendary Vantage Pro2 is just a little too specialized and over designed for most home weather station owners - its true market is homeowners with large gardens and automated irrigation and watering systems, or commercial enterprises such as turf farms and horticultural businesses, where better insulated temperature sensors and add ons such as leaf wetness and soil moisture sensors are needed. The Vantage Vue cannot be connected to these and other specialized sensors.

The other main difference is a reduced number of alarms. But I think 22 well chosen alarms, which you can set yourself, is enough to cover most sorts of extreme or severe weather.

Another slight variation is that the weather forecasting function is for 24 hours rather than 48. I think most people could live with this.

So, stripped of all those features that most home weather station owners don't need, the Vantage Vue comes at a price that makes it even more competiive with other home weather station manufacturers.

And until something better comes along, it is hard to recommend anything other than the Davis Vantage Vue for anyone looking for a fully featured, robust and reliable wireless weather station for home use.

Here's a few more details about this fine weather instrument.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wireless transmission distance of up to 1000 ft (305m)
  • Frequency hopping signal - minimises interference from other radio sources
  • Fastest overall data update interval of all commonly available home weather stations
  • 22 user settable alarms - everything from outside temperature to storem warnings
  • Sophisticated weather forecasting system - based on location, air pressure, humidity, temperature, wind and rain
  • Can be easily linked to a computer - put your weather online in real time
  • Really easy assembly
  • Technical support and repairs through USA based manufacturer

Specifications :

        Data              Range             Display          Update        Accuracy      Elevation  
                           Low -High       Resolution        Interval              +/-         Low - High

18-35" Hg 0.01"HG 1 minute 0.03" HG  Low  - 1000'
High -  15,000'+
Humidity Outside 1-100%
Inside 10-90%
50 seconds
1 minute

Temperature Outside -40 -150F
Inside 32 - 140F
10 seconds
1 minute

Rainfall 0 - 99.9" 0.01" 10 seconds 4%
Wind Speed 2 - 175mph 1 mph 2.5 seconds 2mph or 5%
360 1 2.5 seconds 7

  The Downside

As a scaled down version of the Vantage Pro2, the Vantage Vue is pretty hard to fault. I guess the fully integrated one piece Sensor System could be a little inflexible, in that a location which gives you accurate wind and rainfall data could also expose the temperature sensor to direct sun, and possibly give you slightly elevated daytime temperatures. This is a common problem with most sensor packs.

It is also possible that some bugs in the redesigned sensor sustem and console may become apparent as time goes by, as can happen with any new design. I'm probably being over cautious, given Davis's record, but I guess if you wait a while before buying it won't do any harm, and perhaps the price will drop a little more.

What Others Think

Here are some snippets from customer reviews at Amazon. Follow the link to read more and find the latest prices.

"It is beyond cool. I had visions of complex set up and calibration....far from it. Plug and play. Also had fears that the wireless would be impacted by stray RF (my ham radio hobby), no problems."   Wild Bill

" This is my first Davis unit and I find no other reason to go to the other brands. The old saying you get what you pay for is true ." DNLEWIS

" It set up in a snap and has worked flawlessly since. " Jarrett Poisson "Tuckersnator"

Further information

Here is where to go for more information on the slightly larger Vantage Pro2, which may be a better option if you have a large garden or an outdoor business where you may need more than basic information.

Visit the sister site Home Weather Stations Guide for more information on the Davis Vantage Vue, other weather stations, and a wide range of information on other weather related equipment and , of course, the weather itself. Also visit the Davis website, but check the outlets below for much better prices than offered by the manufacturer.


Widely available through specialist dealers and over the internet. Different models available to comply with radio transmission regulations in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

You can find very competitive prices for the Davis Vantage Vue at Amazon and eBay (see real time bids for Davis weather stations below) - check to make sure the seller is a licensed Davis supplier.

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